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(Automated Clearing House)


When you have a business to run, convenience can be your best friend. ACH Credits and Debits can handle payments such as direct deposit, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and more. Make business more hands-on with the touch of a keyboard and make valuable time in your day. Spend less time on routine tasks such as check processing and receiving or making payments while you track your financial position and cash flow in real-time. Now, Commercial Bank and Trust’s business banking is open wherever you open your laptop.

• Optimize cash flow and easily track your financial position
• View account activity and balances 24/7
• Set limits for various movement of funds per account
• ACH Origination-Debit Files and Credit Files
• Wire Transfers – Domestic Only
• Stop Payments
• Tax Payments
• Online Bank Statements (via online banking)
• Authorize account access level by user
• Make loan payments and transfer between accounts



Eliminate a trip to the bank by scanning and depositing checks right from the convenience of your office. Remote Deposit Capture provides merchants the ability to scan deposits of checks and transmit them electronically without having to leave the office. The process of scanning involves creating a deposit, entering control totals for the deposit, physically scanning the paper checks, reconciling the deposit, and transmitting to the bank. Remote Deposit Capture is a web-based program that benefits your business with reduced work-flow, bank fees, and risk of check fraud, all with fewer trips to the bank and availability to your funds faster. 



The Positive Pay product helps minimize fraud losses associated with checks from your company. Immediate notification is available for items being presented for payment that have not been issued by the customer, thus preventing fraud such as counterfeit checks and altered checks.



High tech customer payment solutions with merchant fees your business can afford. Commercial Bank and Trust partners with Fiserv, for all your merchant service needs. Fiserv’s comprehensive suite of affordable terminals and peripherals enables you to process virtually any payment type. Fiserv offers Telecheck Smart Card, Payeezy, Money Network, and a full suite of Clover solutions. We can provide merchants the solution to process cards with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diner’s Club International.



We act as your business’s agent to collect checks through the mail, process the payments, and deposit them into your account. Email notifications are sent to customers when scanned checks and correspondence are ready for viewing. This service reduces float times and improves the availability of funds for businesses. Online reporting is available for all checks and correspondences received. 



Establishing a sweep account for your business is the most efficient way to earn interest on your surplus cash while managing your daily cash position. At the end of each business day, your sweep account keeps your checking account at the pre-determined level and automatically moves all excess funds to an “Investment” account, which is used to purchase securities on a daily basis. This allows you to earn money on the cash you are not using at that moment while retaining quick and easy access to your funds at all times. You have the potential to always keep adequate cash on hand while earning interest on your excess money.

Monthly service charge and minimum balance applicable.

You will also enjoy these added benefits with Commercial Bank and Trust’s Treasury Management Services:

  • Business Debit Card
  • BillPay
  • Estatements
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Autoborrow
  • Automated Sweeps/Zero Balance
  • Commercial Credit Card
  • Mutual Fund Sweeps

Contact us at [email protected] or at 1-800-518-7053.

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