Cofer’s Garage

November 2018

Museum-quality automotive restoration – that is the reputation Cofer’s Garage has built since 1976.  Cars collected by celebrities, vintage vehicles owned by collectors around the county, as well newer cars and trucks prized by their owners, have been painstakingly repaired or restored by Cofer’s.

When you have the talent and tools to do the level of work offered by Cofer’s, customers from everywhere find you. Jimmy Cofer has lots of stories about his favorite cars and projects, such as the 1967 Shelby Cobra GT 500 Mustang his team recently restored. Or the Chevrolet pick-up truck out-fitted with electric windows and extra gas tanks hidden under the custom-finished hardwood bed.  

In 1976, Jimmy Cofer opened Cofer’s Garage on the eastern edge of downtown Memphis. Today, Cofer’s is located on Appling Center Cove, but the iconic Cofer’s sign is still visible on the old Madison Avenue building as you enter downtown. And their work is visible in a certain iconic Memphis car museum visited by tourists from around the world.

Over the years, as Jimmy built the business and their reputation for exceptional work, Cofer’s expanded, then relocated to a larger modern facility. The company added high-tech capabilities such as their paint booth. Commercial Bank and Trust Company has been their partner for growth.

Cindy Childress, Senior Credit Officer at Commercial Bank and Trust, has a long-standing relationship with Cofer’s. When Cindy joined Commercial Bank and Trust fourteen years ago, Cofer’s followed her because they wanted to keep Cindy as their banker.

“With Commercial Bank and Trust, Cindy has every banking tool and service she needs to assist us,” says Jimmy. “She understands our business and gives the type of service you really want from a banker, but you don’t see much anymore. Commercial Bank is that hard-to-find personal banker, and I thank them for it.”

Commercial Bank Swoosh