Commercial Bank and Trust Announces New Assistant Vice President

April 2018

JACKSON, TN:  Commercial Bank and Trust Company announces that Tina Dillingham has been promoted to Assistant Vice President, Operations Manager.

Community President Monte Jones congratulated Ms. Dillingham saying, “Tina is an original staff member of Commercial Bank in Jackson, being with the bank since opening in 2006. She is a great leader and has developed excellent relationships with her clients over the past twelve years. This is a well-deserved recognition and it is a compliment to our entire staff when someone on our team moves into a new leadership position.”

“I am excited for the opportunities we have here in Jackson to continue the growth of Commercial Bank and Trust,” said Ms. Dillingham. “In my new role, I look forward to strengthening my relationships with existing customers as well as bringing in new customers.”

Commercial Bank and Trust was chartered in 1877. The bank has operations in Jackson, Memphis, Paris and Union City, TN.

Mott Ford is the Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Bank and Trust. In Jackson, the bank has offices at 3093 North Highland Avenue and 79 Stonebridge Boulevard.

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