The Curb Market and Commercial Bank: A Fruitful Partnership

March 2018

Commercial Bank and Trust Company has had a banking relationship with Peter Schutt for over 25 years, most recently partnering with him when he opened The Curb Market in mid-2017. This Crosstown Concourse destination has a wide selection of carefully curated grocery products. In addition, Schutt owns Winchester Farms, which supplies a variety of meats and produce. Much more than just a grocery store, The Curb Market offers a fresh and local shopping experience where you can find organic produce, locally grown vegetables, cured meats, local and regional craft beer, freshly baked bread, and more.

With the closing of their Midtown market on 596 S. Cooper St. and relocation to the ground floor of Crosstown Concourse on June 14, 2017, The Curb Market now occupies 8,500 square feet of space. Their hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays. The market has 15 employees.

Not only does the market have the largest selection of locally-grown, certified organic fruits and vegetables in town, they also have a fresh kitchen complete with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and grab-n-go options. They also offer coffee, tea, juice, beer and wine, a salad bar, a butcher shop, patio and indoor seating, and a catering service.

Schutt values the practice of supporting local craftsmen. More than 50 local vendors supply value-added products to The Curb Market. Schutt spent months finding the right vendors before opening. He is passionate about doing all he can to support other entrepreneurs.

With The Curb Market, there is a journey from farm to fork. The market takes pride in delivering the bounties that grow in local soil. Each brimming bin of fresh produce is planted by a neighboring farmer. Locally procured at Winchester Farms, which is located just 25 miles from the heart of downtown Memphis, The Curb Market always receives the freshest produce and meats for their shelves.

The Curb Market appreciates the value of local business and how significant their growth is to the overall community. This is one reason why Schutt chose Commercial Bank and Trust for a reliable, local bank. Commercial Bank and Trust provides The Curb Market with a personal, dependable relationship in which small business is the link strengthening their partnership.


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