Travel Tips

Traveling outside of the United States is a great way to spend a vacation discovering new places and new things. To ensure that your travels are care-free, it’s important to make some plans about your finances ahead of time. Here are some tips so that you don’t find yourself in a bind.

Before You Travel:

Let us know that you’ll be traveling. Simply give us a call at 888-518-7053, give us the dates and locations that you’ll be traveling, and we’ll make sure that your charges are approved. You may also want to contact your credit card company if you plan to carry a credit card with you to notify them of your intent to travel.

Let us know if you need to use your MasterCard debit card as CREDIT. You can always use your MasterCard debit card as a DEBIT by inputting your 4-digit PIN. Due to the high rate of fraudulent activity in foreign countries, international CREDIT transactions on your MasterCard debit card are normally blocked. Just let us know that you will need to use your card as a CREDIT, and we’ll temporarily remove the block from your card during your travel. You’ll be able to sign and be on your way!

Write down your card numbers and emergency telephone numbers and keep them separate from your wallet/purse. In case you lose your wallet, you’ll still have the contact numbers to report your cards lost/stolen.

Make sure your bills are paid up to date. If you’re leaving for an extended period of time, use NetTeller to set up recurring payments for recurring bills. This will help you avoid being assessed any late charges while you are gone.

Take at least two forms of payment. In addition to your MasterCard debit card, consider carrying a credit card just in case. Also, consider taking the local currency and exchanging your currency before you go. Merchants may accept foreign currency, but they also may charge a high exchange rate. Let us know what you need, and we can get your foreign currency the next day!

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